How Healthy Are Junk Foods? Do they seem To Be Killing Us Gradually, Yet Steadily?

Hello fam! Yaay! It’s a new month!🎉 I hope  my first blog post for September meets you well.  Today’s topic is quite interesting. In one way or another we sometimes opt for junks or fast foods..however, though, have we taken time to think about its long-term adverse effects? I’m sure you don’t want to miss out on this one. So keep calm and read through!☺

Let’s start off with its definition.

Junk Food is a kind of food that is high in calorie but low in nutritional content as defined by The Merriam-Webster Dictionary 

Junk food is a pejorative term for cheap food containing high levels of calories from sugar or fat with little fiber, protein, vitamins or minerals. Use of the term implies that a particular food has little “nutritional value” and contains excessive fat, sugar, salt, and calories. Junk food can also refer to high protein food like meat prepared with saturated fat -which some believe may be unhealthy, although some studies have shown no correlation between saturated fat and cardiovascular diseases; many hamburger outlets, fried chicken outlets and the like supply food considered as junk food. 

Despite being labeled as “junk,” such foods usually do not pose any immediate health concerns and are generally safe when integrated into a well balanced diet. However, concerns about the negative health effects resulting from the consumption of a “junk food”-heavy diet, especially obesity, have resulted in public health awareness campaigns, and restrictions on advertising and sale in several countries. – Wikipedia

Have you wondered why there is gradual increase in metabolic diseases, inflammatory diseases, and cancers? 

Have you wondered why it is that the wealthiest nations in the world has more than 80% of their children suffering from obesity and autism? 

And does it bother you that the wealthier a people get the less fertile they tend to become? 

Answers to the questions listed above, are not far fetched, as these health problems are traceable to only one thing: Junk foods! 😱

 We are now mostly eating junks instead of food; we add all sorts of chemicals to our food to make them look better, taste better, and cook easier, all at the detriment of our health! 

 A research recently concluded in its findings that an average person now consumes an average of 40 different chemicals per day. Imagine the overwhelming effects of these additive chemicals on our digestive system, immune system, and the excretory systems. Our liver and kidneys are nowadays seriously over tasked. No wonder, the incidence rate of kidney and liver failures are higher when compared with our forefathers despite our advanced technology! 

 Some may delude themselves by saying that even the food harvested from the earth are made up of chemicals. That is true, but these chemicals are put together in particular ratios by Mother Nature, and that is why our body systems easily recognizes them and knows exactly what to do with them. The additive chemicals are NOT recognized by any of our body systems, and so they just keep accumulating inside our bodies until they totally overwhelm the systems. 

 Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton, a renowned Nutrition and Human Metabolism expert and author writes in her book THE BODY RESTORATION PLAN: 

“How do chemicals actually get into the food that we eat? It would be relatively easy if all the chemicals in our food were from deliberately added chemicals, such as pesticides or preservatives. How-ever, life is never that simple. In real life, chemicals can enter our food in a variety of different ways: 

  • Pesticides, additives, preservatives, or colorants are deliberately sprayed onto or added to food crops.
  • Farm animals are treated with drugs or hormones and have antibiotics added to their feed.
  • Food crops or animals are effected by environmental pollution.
  • Chemicals leach out into foods from packaging materials. ” 

Taking a closer look at some  of those chemicals in our so- called fast foods. If you peruse through the ingredients on the label of a packaged food, we are, most times, cluless! But of course, because we know not what these ingredients are! Others are somewhat jawbreaking when it comes to pronunciations! Lol😃  This is because these ingredients aren’t food, they are chemicals (additives) that are added for various purposes like: 

Preservatives: Chemicals that prevent the food from rotting. 

Colorants: Chemicals that are used to give the food a specific color. 

Flavor: Chemicals that give the food a particular flavor. 

Texturants: Chemicals that give a particular texture. 

Stabilizers: chemicals added to to make all the ingredients in the food remain stable together. 

Please note that processed foods can contain dozens of additional chemicals that are not even listed. I hate to break this to you, but when you see “artificial flavors” written on the label, is like an umbrella that covers a combination of chemicals. Trust me, manufacturers don’t have to disclose exactly what these additives are really. Which implies that, there are 10 or more chemicals blended together to give a specific /desired flavor. 

I must confess I am guilty of consuming junk foods, most especially, when I’m stressed out. That, for sure, is a terrible way to cope with would agree, right? My love for Ham sandwiches 🍔 though.. 😃 I need to put that in check right away! The best snack ever remains fruits, which comes in varieties! Here are links to previous post I shared on some fruits and vegetables that are beneficial to the body HereHere and Here

References : 

Medical World Nigeria

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Stay Healthy Always!
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4 thoughts on “How Healthy Are Junk Foods? Do they seem To Be Killing Us Gradually, Yet Steadily?

  1. Wonderful advice, ebonymedics. Do it yourself meals are the best. You can find it hard to want to harm yourself with lethal additives if you do it yourself. I like this post and appreciate your work. More and more of these, please!!! 👍

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