Smoothie Series by Ebonymedics

Hello family! How have you been? Trust you’ve been doing great. I hope my first blog post for the month, after a long while, meets you well. I’m so sorry I’ve been away for quite a while.. Workflow has been quite tight lately.. I was ill at some point as well. Although, all of that ain’t strong enough excuses to just go mute.. Once again, I apologize. I sure would make up for lost time.. I’d like to start off by dusting the cobwebs off my blog page today!
Today, we would be starting off on SMOOTHIE SERIES by Ebonymedics! I’m so so excited about this.. I know that word, ‘SMOOTHIE‘ is not an unfamiliar term, especially for those who are on a diet plans for the purpose of working out or keeping fit.

Smoothie {smoothee or smooothy} is a thick beverage made from blended raw fruits or vegetables with other ingredients such as water, ice, dairy products {milk, yoghurt or cheese} or sweetners

Smoothie contains fibre which is an added advantage over fruit juice. The fibre it contains makes it more healthful than fruit juice alone. It is usually the first ad best choice for health conscious people. 


So, on SMOOTHIE SERIES by Ebonymedics, we would be discussing variants of combo or suggestions for smoothie recipes that you would love. Meanwhile, we need to always have the following rules in mind, when making smoothies.

Secret of Healthy Smoothies – Blend only the quantity of fruit or vegetables you can consume at a time.

Rules for making a healthy smoothie

  • Use a healthy liquid base. Smoothies are often made with fruit juice as the liquid base.
  • Avoid at-home smoothie kits.
  • Opt for low-sugar fruits.
  • Add some greens.
  • Don’t forget the protein.
  • Include some healthy fats.
  • Add some fiber.
  • Forget the added sweeteners.
  • Get creative with flavours. 
  • Use frozen fruits for a thicker consistency

Learn More from the Wholesome Fork

Watch out for the next post which would to be the first innovation to be shared on smoothie series by Ebonymedics . I will be sharing a smoothie innovation known as Tropical Pleasure. I’m sure you don’t want to miss out on that! Don’t forget to drop your lovely comments here..especially your view on the Rules to making a heathy smoothie.. Have you been obeying these rules? See you around!

Stay Healthy Always!

Ebony Medics ®

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